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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Meet the Princess

I finally got pics of my darling little hat to load! It took me less than a day to create this wonderful little hat for my baby girl. Oh excuse me, let me formally introduce you.... In all of her fabulousness, 3 1/2 inches (i'm guessing) of cuteness, an icon of high fashion, I give you ....... drum roll ...... PRINCESS! (and the crowd cheers).

NO, that's not her given name but as of a year ago she has taken on her new self-proclaimed royalness. It was at that point she refused to answer to any other name except Princess. Go figure. But hey that's quite alright with me because that makes me the QUEEN! I always knew I was but now it's official, LOL.

I really Love this hat. It's my favor by far. The colors are great and worked up really nice. Using Caron Simply Soft Yarn on the red KK loom I did the stockinette stitch throughout.
For the brim I used a single strand but it was kind of thin so I swtiched to double strands for the rest of the hat and it worked perfectly.

Friday, August 25, 2006

All in a days work

Friday marked the end of the 1st week of school. Yes, I made it. The 1st week of school and my 4th grader had home work every night, even Friday, can you believe it. The home work topic was "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Honestly I don't think I have ever read the story in it's entirety and it's been years since I've seen the Disney movie. So it was off to the library to see what we could find. What we found were book as thick as college text books. So I decided to go with the one that only had 207 pages. Because of nightly homework I haven't been able to get as much done in the knitting department as I would like but I did get a few more stitches done on my poncho project. I hope to have pics up in the next couple of days.

To clear my head I started a new hat for my daughter and was able to finish in all in one day, pompom ball and all. I must have had the look of death on my face because no one bothered me the entire time.

I have a new 3/8 inch single sided rake that I'm anxious to break and some extra yarn so I will attempt to make a matching scarf. Or mittens since I also have the new mitten loom. Maybe I'll go all out and make it 3 piece set, who knows.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Back to the grind & Goodies in the mail

Today marks for 1st day of school for my kids. I didn't get much knitting done yesterday with all the last minute shopping for school supplies & clothes. Yes, I am the original procrastinator. I have a strange need to run from store to store covering all four corners of the globe in order to find that must have composition book. WHAT WAS I THINKING, waiting until the last minute. I guess I thought the longer I put off the shopping the more time the school Gods would give me, NOT. Late in the wee hours of the night with the kids all tucked into bed, I did manage to finish the other sock for hubby. Now he can wear them proudly.

I also managed to make my 1st baby wash cloth, using Sugar N' Cream yarn in the colors of "Grape" (dark purple) and "Hot Purple" (light purple or lavender). The pattern called for a simple e-wrap stitch. I'm happy with the first attempt but must perfect my method of finishing the edges. Overall it came out pretty well, don't ya think? My daughter already claimed it for her doll. Since I have so much yarn left I will make another attempt at the wash cloth.

On a positive note....

I received some goodies
in the mail these past couple of days. Saturday I received my Bernat Knifty Knitter Loom Series pattern book.

Today I received my 1/3 Gauge Rake Loom Kit that I order off of ebay from fellow KK loomer "DuxallInarow". I can't wait to get started using both items.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

SOCK it to me baby

Yesterday I took on the art of sock making. I decided to make me and mom a pair of cozy socks to trapes around the house in when the weather gets cold. A few stitches into it I realize that the yarn was not quite as thick as I'd like it to be (we have very cold feet). So in my determination to finish a sock NOW, I forged on and used that one as a test case to see if I could grasp the whole heel thing (which is the most difficult part of the pattern). I must say it came out great!

And hubby has a brand new, home made, hand made, chock full of love, SOCK.

I know, I know
, I've already started the second one and will have it finished soon. See.....
I used Lion Brand,Wool-Ease,Worsted Weight, in Wood (232) color. After seeing the finished product the color works best for a man. It reminds me of the colors men wear when they hunt (browns and army green) YUCK!!!! Don't think I could have made it through the winter with hunters feet. No matter how cold the toes got, LOL ! The one problem -- after sock was done and hubby tried it on the cuff stretched, now it's a little lose on the ankle. But thanks to the wonderful members of the Knifty Knitter Looms group I have a solution to that when I start the other socks. THANKS GUYS

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Scarf is Born

Today turned out to be a good day after all. I was late leaving the house this morning, late dropping the kids off, and of course late getting to work. On the upside, I was able to finish my Flexible Scarf. yeah, yeah, yippee.

I used the KK yellow round loom, and 3 skeins of fun fur fashion yarn, in an golden brown color. It turned out really well. This project makes up for the hat. I can't wait until the weather is a little cooler so I can show it off. Now I'll focus on the socks for mom and the dish clothes. What a great end to a day that started off on the wrong foot.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Introducing the looming looney! I have been loom knitting for a week and a half now. And have managed to finish two projects and start a 3rd. Can't you see I'm a semi-pro :-0. During that time I also got serious about leaning to knit using needles, but that my dear will take a long, long, long time to master. Casting on can be a bitch. I decided to documents my ups and what I'm sure will be many downs as I go through the learning and creating process. I hope you enjoy.

My first project was a basic hat for my daughters doll baby. It came out pretty good for the first presentable project. I used Peaches & Cream, 4 ply worsted weight, Fiesta Ombra color (175). What do you think?

My 10 year old son wanted to make one too and I must say I am almost embarrased to say that his turned out much better than my hat.

I like my colors better though. Any way, for my nest project I am making a cute little scarf with fun fur.