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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall TV

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel as if i have just awaken from a daze. I am a big CSI fan. I love them all: CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York, and CSI Miami. With the new fall season of TV watching amongst us, I must say I am very, very pissed 0ff with the folk over there on the CSI Las Vegas set. Why oh why would they kill off Warrick Brown! I mean come on look at this face

This is not the face that only a mother can love, we all love this face. He is truly one handsome piece of flesh. The hair, that body, and those dreamy eyes.
Even though he was shot down in the season 8 finale, I just knew the TV Gods would wave their magic wands and everything would be OK. But that was not the case. To add salt to the wound, did y'all see the way they killed him off the show! I mean come one, he was gunned down while sitting in his car, bullet shots to the upper body, one through the neck. I would expect this from The Sopranos, but not CSI.
There must have been some serious issues between Gary Gourdan (the guy who plays Warrick) and the producers. Now wouldn't it have made since for him to be, lets say, severely injured or in a comma with months of recuperating? At least we would get to see him every week and root for him while he heals. But nooooo they just gunned him down like a dirty dog in a dark alley way. Did i mention that I was pissed off!

This will defiantly take some getting over. I think I need to cry some more. Whimper, Whimper, sigh

Oh and did you hear that Grissom, the head CSI, is leaving the show too. What the hell is going on over there.

OK I think I need to go before my keyboard short circuits from all the tears and I get electrocuted.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008


For all my loom loving friends out there, check out the newest loom from DA Looms.

I have got to get this one. I have several looms from DA. They are handmade to order by the one and only Sam Phelps. Sam is the loving husband of Isela Phelps, mother, master loomer, needle knitter, and author of an impressive lot of loom knitting books and patterns. I have got to get me one of this babies. And what's even better then buying one? Winning one in a contest Isela is holding. Hop on over to her site leave her a comment and tell her you saw it here! You may be the lucky winner of this wonderful new loom.