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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do we really have senior moments at young ages?

This first couple of days this week I spent most of my evening time getting through home work with Peanut. Everyday when he gets home from school I ask him if he has home work and every day he says yes and we immediately get to work (and I do mean everyday --even on Fridays). The home work has mainly been on the topic of the book by Lewis Carroll, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Basically his teacher gives them a question and they have to read the corresponding chapter and write a paragraph(at least 5 sentences) with an outline and blah blah blah..... Well one day Monday Sept. 11, I get a call at work from the school and my mind assumes the worst, either the Princess or Peanut have been injured. But oh no, it was a call from Peanut informing me that he forgot to do his home work on Friday night. Wait a minute, instant mind replay, we spent a better half of an hour Friday night reading "Alice" and preparing the outline and writing the paragraph. I was then snapped by to reality when the little voice said I had math home work and I forgot. OK, he's a good kid and we all forget things. So being the wonderful, understanding person that I am I said, OK just bring the book home and we'll do it tonight. The big whammy---- his teacher got on the phone and said that he has forgotten his math home work 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! Yes, the previous Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights he's had math homework. I was not happy with that news. She was nice enough to let him bring it home and finish all 3 nights worth and bring back on Wednesday (On Tuesday schools in my county were closed for elections). Math home work for a fourth grader consisted of one chapter that with approx. 21 questions; another chapter with 13 and the final chapter with 25. All of which had to be completed in two nights. Sounds like a lot of time right? Well it's not when you factor in the fight with rush hour traffic during the drive home from work time, pick the kids up, fix dinner, and bath time. For a job of this magnitude I had to call in for back up. The big Hubby came in and prepared dinner and entertained The Princess while Peanut and I got cracking on homework. He did do the chapter with 13 problems at Grannies house so I just had to check over it. We finished the final chapter and was able to get everything turned in on time. So my question goes out to all of you....Do we really have senior moments at young ages, or do we simply NOT WANT TO REMEBER certain things?

On a good note, I did manage to get some knitting in. I created this wonderfully cute purse for The Princess. Now I'm off to find the perfect bottom to keep it closed.


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